I'm not all that fragile, but whenever my ego needs a boost I come here. And I read these blushingly lovely words from these lovely west Michigan theatre peeps.

Dave brings his deep understanding of theatre and a knack for getting just the right shot to his work! He is a joy to work with, always ahead of schedule, and is kind and thoughtful when interacting with performers, audience members, and administrators.

Allyson Paris, Artistic Director, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

When a show ends, I always look forward to getting production photos. I print out 8 X 10s and then frame them for a wall. I admit that I particularly look forward to photos taken by Dave Kagan. Dave knows what photos to take and exactly when to take them. He has a keen eye for capturing a moment or a facial expression that no one does better! And Dave has just gotten better! We are lucky to have him and I think it would be great if Dave did ALL the shows!

greg rogers, actor

What I love the most about working with Dave is that he's an unapologetic theatre fan with such zeal for the art form. Combined with his appreciation for our Young Artists here at Civic, Dave is able to capture both the action of a moment as well as genuine human emotion. It's clear that his work behind the camera isn't occupation-based, it's passion-based. We're so lucky to have Dave here in the Grand Rapids Theatre Community.

Noddea Skidmore, Marketing and Communications Manager, Grand Rapids Civic theatre

Dave Kagan gets theatre, understands how to get the best shots, is always enthusiastic about working with our school, and is so happy to see the kids succeed.

Jay Fischer, Grandville high school theatre dept.

Dave Kagan has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to capture the true essence of every excellent production moment.

Tom Kaechele, Director of Spectrum Theater at Grand Rapids Community College

Dave's knowledge of theatre means he is able to capture the essence of a performance in his photography. He is kind, compassionate, and wants the best for the production. He is part of the team.

Amanda Fischer, English Teacher Grandville High School, actor

Dave has always been a huge supporter of the theatre arts community. His passion and heart always come through in his images as he has a way of capturing not only iconic moments within a scene, but also the energy and spirit of the performance. Some of my favorite theatrical shots have come from his lens.

Emily Diener, Actor

Dave Kagan's photographs beautifully capture the heart, the soul, and the truth of a character and a story.

Kitty Carrico Carpenter, Actor

Dave Kagan loves theatre and theatre people! His photography not only beautifully captures
the essence of story and character, it also reflects a deep understanding of and respect for
the process. Even his rehearsal photos are priceless. The Grand Rapids theatre community
is lucky to have his sensitive eye and his dedication to the arts.

Jean Bahle, actor & director

I've had the pleasure of being in several productions that Dave photographed. Dave is very invested in the shows he photographs. He takes time to get to know each show in rehearsals so he knows exactly what moments to capture, and then he captures those moments beautifully.

amy cain, actor

Dave's eye is unique in the sense that he's able to capture the artist's point of view. Through his lens he conveys the show's passion that could otherwise only be found by seeing the play first-hand.

sammy publes, actor & director

Dave captures the soul of a piece of theater. His enthusiasm for local theater and an unmatched attention to detail shines through in his photography. And if his work isn't enough to convince you, let his personality be the selling point. Dave is a joy to work with or just to run into on the street!

sydney doornbos, actor

As a sometime actor in Grand Rapids community theatre productions, I have really appreciated Sensitography’s cast photos. They never fail to capture the moment , and they give cast members a permanent memento of how their efforts came together in the final production. Dave Kagan helps make the Grand Rapids theatre community special, and we are thankful he is a part of it.

jon march, actor

Kagan? The guy is a hack. Quite certain he pirates all 'his' photos directly from the Interwebs. Er sumthin'.

Elmer Glipshnagel, renowned art critic & connoisseur (just checking to see who's reading this far!)