Some people who rock the G-Rap theater world were kind enough to sing my praises... 

… and I didn't even tell them to say what to say.

Dave Kagan photographs stage shows so sensitively, capturing the ‘action’ in the still photo. His work is beautiful and done with a passion for what he is aiming the camera at. And it shows.
— Fred Sebulske, founder of Actors' Theatre

The first time I was a target of Dave’s photographic eye was during ‘Escanaba in da Moonlight’ at Circle Theatre. When I saw the show’s album, I was blown away by the moments he caught as well as our expressions. He knew exactly when to push the button! I’ve been promoting him ever since.
— Greg Rogers, actor

Dave’s photography captures such life and nuance with an astute attention to detail that makes him incomparable to others. I have never liked a photo of myself onstage until I saw Dave’s work. Kudos!
— Kelsey Sprague, actress

Kagan is a dweeb and a hack.
— Elmer Glipshnagel, (thrown in as a ringer just to see if you read this far)

Dave’s eye is unique in the sense that he’s able to capture the artist’s point of view. Through his lens he conveys a show’s passion that could otherwise only be found by seeing the play first-hand!
— Sammy A. Publes, actor & director

Theatre is our art...our performed living art. When I consider a photographer for our seasons, I want a true artist who brings passion and love to all that he/she does. Year after year we are thrilled to hire David Kagan as he is a true artist of his craft. He captures the life - mood, thoughts, colors, and ‘feels’ - that we work so hard to create throughout our rehearsal process.
— Kyle Los, Executive Director/actor, Actors' Theatre Grand Rapids

Dave tends to capture the soul of the work he photographs with a spirit and excitement for local theater that shines through in his show pictures. He has an unmatched attention to detail. If his work isn’t enough to convince you, let his personality be the selling point. Dave is a joy to work with or just run into on the street.
— Sydney Doornbos, actress

Dave has the amazing ability to capture the essence of our theatrical productions in such an enchanting way. He always provides a variety of images that illustrate all that goes into creating a production: rehearsal photos, backstage photos, production photos, etc. Dave is a talented professional who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you immediately at ease. Thank you, Dave, for everything that you do for Circle Theatre and for the theatre community.
— Lynne Brown-Tepper, Managing Director, Circle Theatre

Dave has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to capture the true essence of every excellent production moment.
— Tom Kaechele, Theater Program Director & Full Time Faculty, GRCC

Dave is tireless in working to capture the ‘right moments’ both onstage and off. Our theater community is lucky he’s chosen us for his retirement ventures!
— Jeralyn Pinsky, director

Theatrical photography is difficult – the photographer has no control over lighting, action or emotion. Dave Kagan has an innate sense of where he and the camera should be to get the best shot. He freezes a moment so beautifully and captures the soul of a character and the heart of the story.
— Kitty Carrico Carpenter, actress

I met Dave through the local theatre community and was immediately impressed by his ability to photograph the many personalities and pivotal moments of each character on the stage. His show photos are just beautiful.
— Chelsea Herrema, actress

Not only does Dave’s photography capture the story being told on stage, he makes the talent feel relaxed and ‘at home’ when snapping head-shots. I’ve heard time and time again ‘I hate having my photo taken, unless it’s Dave Kagan taking the photos! He makes it fun, and I can really tell he loves his craft ... and appreciates mine as an actor!’

I could not agree more with that statement. Thank you, Dave, for your love of theatre, and for helping us capture our stories!
— Michelle Urbane, Theatre Manager, Grand Rapids Community College Theatre Department
_MG_0046 (1).jpg

Quite simply, Dave, your photos ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!! Yours is truly the best performance photography I’ve seen in my 25+ years of participating in community theater. You grab the action so perfectly! Thank you for throwing your cap into the ring — I hope you become THE photo guy:)
— Amy Kaechele, actress

… the photos are simply beautiful. I can’t wait to frame them for my wall!
— Nancy Wagner, actress / director

Like theater, good photography tells a story. Like any good director, Dave has an innate ability to capture the spirit of a piece, the essence of a character, and the magic of a moment in his photos.
— Kelly Carey, singer/actress/music producer

I love the photographs. Big difference from past shooters.
— David Miller, Auditorium Manager / Teacher / Freelance Designer at Centerstage Theatre / Coopersville Schools

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave on many productions and I’m constantly amazed at his ability to capture the essence of a moment. The combination of his artistry and positivity is unmatched.
— Larry Young, actor

I’ve always been reassured when David shoots a show. It’s gratifying to have a photographer who puts the same degree of commitment and artistic integrity into his work, as we do in ours.
— Rodney Vaccaro, actor/director/screenwriter/film producer

It may sound like a self-serving Dave wrote these glowing testimonials from these people. But if you think so than you really don’t know these people. They’d kick my ass before allowing me to write their words. Words are their craft.
— Dave Kagan, photo guy
Me... in full blush mode from reading such kind words.

Me... in full blush mode from reading such kind words.