Admittedly, I am shamelessly shilling for my son Jeff Kagan, daughter-in-law Paige Doughty and for their oh-so-sweet 3-1/2 year old son Wolf.

Yet I have no problem doing it -- even if it muddies the Sensitography brand waters -- simply because they are that good. And deserve to be more renowned for the good stuff they do.

Wolf... in thoughtful repose while contemplating his future and career opportunities. or something.

Are they singers who act? Or actors who sing? Actually, they're both. And they are rock stars among the Colorado kiddie set and environmentally conscious parents. Based in Boulder, Jeff and Paige perform their own original "science and nature-based music for kids" at schools, libraries, festivals, and kids' birthday parties.

The most recent CD, "Mighty Wolf," named after their now 2-1/2 year old son, Wolf, won a coveted Parent's Choice award. It's just one of the many awards the duo's music has received. Across the breadth of their five CDs, they explore the realm of ecology circles, pollination, symbiosis, climate change, leave no trace, insect anatomy, energy conservation, plate tectonics and so much more. If this sounds a little lofty for the kiddie set, think again. The kids get it; they really do. Each song is instructive, but never preachy. And the messages are delivered in a playful manner with memorable musical hooks that captivate children and adults alike. 

Sooo, if you know people with kids in Colorado tell them to watch for their shows. And if you know wee ones -- 3-8 year-olds are prime -- buy a disc or two for them. Or download their tunes. (Go to Jeff and Paige's website or CDbaby for all the info. Links are at the bottom of this page.) 

... I have never seen anything quite like it, yet it seemed classical and felt so right. Besides the antics of all the little squirts in the audience, I saw plenty of parents loosening up as well: Hard workin’ Dads doing the mashed potato, overbearing Moms losing themselves in the silliness... what an interesting symbiosis between performers and audience.
— from a review of the 2nd CD release concert, James Callendar, Boulder Daily Camera
Kiri (age 20 months) actually sits in her car seat and sings along. Well, she is usually a few seconds behind although I swear the other day she beat you to it and said, ‘technological isolation.’ We cannot even go close to our car without her saying, ‘Listen to Jeff and Paige.’
— Kyle, Dad and teacher
Jeff and Paige came into our lives with a bang! As an educator, I think the most wonderful thing about the music, other than of course being fun and educating, is that it speaks to such a large range of ages. Their music inspires real life discoveries that truly appeal to every age. Jeff and Paige have such a sweet dynamic between them and a sense of humor that makes everyone who sees them fall in love and join the journey. We love the message and how it supports our philosophy and brings so much inspiration to our daughter. She sings, dances, acts songs out, makes sure we are taking care of our planet and asks so many wonderful questions. Thank you Jeff and Paige.
— Kare, Mom & fan
Duo act Jeff & Paige —Jeff Kagan, 37, and Paige Doughty, 36 — perform interactive, kid-friendly nature songs that have made them a beloved part of the Boulder community and its many young families for years. The pair’s topical, educational music is neither lofty nor preachy, and (attention, Frozen’d-out parents!) it’s listenable for you, too.
— Denver 5280, October 27, 2015

Video of "Get Outdoors!" - title track from their 4th CD

Highlights video from 3rd CD release concert, 2012

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Tube To Work Day

As renowned as Jeff & Paige are for their music, arguably the Boulder, CO festival known as Tube To Work Day is even more prominent. In 2008, co-founders Jeff Kagan and Andy Gruel donned el cheapo black suits and plunked their tubes into Boulder Creek on a fine summer's morn'. A few more joined the duo the next year and then a few more after that.

Now, "The greatest greenest (wettest) commute on earth" takes place every summer in Boulder and the 2017 version topped 1,000 costumed tubers. My little video will help you "soak" up the fun of this "only in Boulder" event.


Whooppeee! September 29, 2013