Tentatively tiptoeing into who knows where

words falling in a forest.jpg

As you can see from the heading at the top of my Blog (Blah-g) page, I'm not sure where this is going. If anywhere. Is it merely the writing equivalent of a tree falling in the forest? If words are thrown into cyberspace and no one is there to read them, are they really real? And even if they are, who cares? Is it a fool's pretense to think I might actually utter something worthwhile? After all, I recently labeled Facebook postings a "cannon fodder of crap." (And that would include some of my own junk). Moreover, will I be able to deliver with some sort of regularity to my postings?

For starters, on this day after Thanksgiving, I want to thank the west Michigan theatre (or should it be "theater?") community for accepting me and my camera into your world over the past couple of years. You've broadened my horizons and challenged me to improve what I do in so many ways. This entire website is evidence of what you've done and what I've learned to do. I am indeed indebted.

Since Sensitography is mostly about photography for the arts (especially theatre) community, I'll mostly focus this blog around photography. And theatre as I see it through a range of f/stops and shutter speeds. But I won't make it techie. I'm not a techie and anyone who is would see through me.

I would really welcome your feedback. You can tell me what you like and what you don't like. But simply knowing that someone out there actually read something would be plenty terrific. And reason enough to keep me blogging for another day. Another week. Or even a month.

We'll see.