"Business model." Yech!


As soon as I started thinking about Sensitography as a "business model" I knew it was wrong. That language -- that thinking -- felt too much like a trip back in time; back to corporateville. I wanted no part of "revenue streams," "productivity measurements," "flow charts," SWOT analyses, matrices, and paralysis by analysis. This would be my time, my fledgling business and I would do it my way. I wasn't sure what that "way" would be. I just knew it would be different. A children's musician named Jim Gill once wrote me about "happy wages." I liked what he had to say so I ran with it.

The "happy wages" thing led me to sell out.


Okay, admittedly I first thought about retaining the rights to all my theatre photos and charging up the ying yang for them. I figured the cast, crew and designers would line up for images that captured their stage glory. But I bagged the idea for umpteen reasons, not the least of which is that the money thing felt over-the-top crass and over-the-top wrong. Now I simply provide my images to the theatre, the theatre posts them and all you actors and actresses can freely download them to your heart's content. And that makes my heart content.

Nope, this isn't what I do. no watermarks.

Nope, this isn't what I do. no watermarks.

Nope I don't do this… no smarmy watermark to garbage up the photos. 

Of course, I also have many more photos than any theatre will ever post. And they're right here on my Sensitography site. Although I love my Sensitography logo you'll find that my photos are completely free of a watermark. So if you post them or print them or send them to your waiting cyberspace hordes, you won't find they're uglified (like in the example above this text) with a logo that wrecks the beauty of the photo. I don't do that 'cause it runs counter to my whole idea of making them available to you free and clear. If you can't find what you're looking for, chances are I have it. Send me an e-mail and I'll get it to you. But first check the site you're on right now. In all likelihood it's right here. Somewhere.

Maybe goodness can be its own reward.

Ollie at cabin -- 2006.jpg

If you like my approach -- and most people really like "free" -- and you like my work, perhaps you'll consider me when it's time for some headshots or personal photos. I've done many doggies, a cat or two, cutesie kiddies, family groupings and several beautiful senior portraits. But I don't do weddings. And I won't do a bris!