I suppose it's true...

... that in one way or another everything is a brand. Including me. And although it's awkward, this "About" section means I need to talk about myself. During the course of my long career in marketing I never had a problem doing it for others. But doing so on my own behalf definitely feels a bit pretentious as I walk the fine line between authenticity and puffery. Indulge me. Please.


I did that and now I'm doing this

For a long time I was a corporate world muckety-muck (arguably, only in my own mind). I had a great run, made great friends, did good work and it more than paid the bills. Thanks, Steelcase! Yet a few short years ago I left the corporate thing behind. I grabbed the chance to retire and move on to something else. Even when I had no idea what that "something else" would be. I'd like to say I was a visionary and could see the Sensitography pieces falling into place. But I wasn't and I didn't. It just happened. Much like life itself Sensitography is a work in process. And, hopefully, in progress.

A few other aspects

Despite stereotypes, it is possible to live in Grand Rapids and not be a family guy. I, however, just happen to be one. A wife, two adult kids, their spouses and four more-than-dazzling grand kiddies. I gaze at their adoring and adorable faces and I'm immediately "verklempt" (that's what Google is for).



IMG_5690 - Version 2.jpg

I'm a ridiculous baseball fanatic who, 34 years ago, jumped on the fantasy sports train in its infancy. I founded Duckball which is now one of the oldest continuously running fantasy baseball leagues in the country. Ernie Harwell came to my home at the end of Duckball's first year to pour Yoo-hoo chocolate flavored soda -- my league's version of champagne -- over the head of the winner: Me. (Hey, I founded Duckball so it was only fair.)

An out-of-left-field non sequitur

A close theatre friend saw a little video that I created about my two oldest grandkids (10 and 8-years-old at the time) getting haircuts for "Children With Hair Loss." I created it to help them to remember why they did what they did.

Although I am not a videographer and the video has nothing to do with theatre photography, my friend said I would jeopardize our friendship if I didn't include it somewhere on my website. I like her too much so here it is.